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At Silver Fox escort agency we, like many other escort agencies in London offer an overnight escort service where clients can request the company of their favourite London escort for the entire night. Much like a sleep over your beautiful London escort will arrive with her overnight bag ready for an evening of fun and delight. During the evening you can explore all your desires in a much more leisurely way and rather than rush off home at the end of your date you can both appreciate waking up to each other when the dawn breaks. If you are staying in a hotel you can enjoy breakfast together and perhaps even enjoy an encore from the night before,  before going your separate ways!

Overnight encounters tend to last for around 10 – 12 hours depending on the diary of the escort you have chosen to spend your time with. Spending so long together sometimes means that the client will think that his companion should stay awake all night long however we do stipulate that during the overnight date our escorts should be given time to catch up on some sleep. This is just so that she can rest and awake replenished and full of the joys of spring. Nobody wants to share a date with a tired grouch!

The effects of sleep deprivation can be very serious indeed and just pulling one all-nighter, as so many students can attest to, has  worrying effects.  Not sleeping for 24 hours has the same effect on our brains as 0.1% of alcohol. Take it to 36 hours without any sleep and you will start to lose your memory so when you are enjoying a sensual and erotic encounter with any of our stunning London escorts, don’t stay up all night as you might end up forgetting about your amazing tryst which would indeed be extremely unfortunate!

Our beautiful London escorts always provide an amazingly memorable date. They are all sensationally beautiful as well as charming and utterly unforgettable. As long as you have had some sleep then you will thoroughly enjoy the attentions that they will lavish upon you and go on to remember them enough to call and make another date.

Do remember to keep the light on though as it has been shown on the opposite end of the scale that that humans are actually able to sleep for days on end if left in the dark so do set that alarm as you wouldn’t want to miss that morning glory!