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Recent research into sleeping positions has revealed that the way we naturally sleep can affect our health. The pros and cons of various sleep positions have been published this week and show that if you naturally sleep on your left side your choice of position may banish heartburn but does leave you more at risk of nightmares. Sleeping on your right hand side on the other hand lowers high blood pressure. If you naturally sleep on your front you will most likely wake up with many more aches and pains due to the unnatural position of your head and spine but you probably won’t worry too much about it since you will have enjoyed racier and more erotic dreams!  At Silver Fox escort agency we understand that our clients try not to sleep at all, especially when they are enjoying an encounter with one of our beauties on an overnight tryst!  That aside, sleep is a hugely important part of our health and well being and lack of sleep can lead to multiple ailments both physical and psychological.

Sleeping on your back seems to be the most recommended position as it offers the most support to most areas of your body although if you are a snorer, sleeping in this way won’t help. Of course the way we move whilst we are asleep is something we do not have any control over so offering recommendations will only aid in finding a starting position – many people often wake up in a completely different position to when they started! Of course if you find yourself next to a gorgeous beauty like one of our high class London escorts you are likely not to want to drop off at all, let’s face it, no-one wants to sleep their way through an exciting date!

Many of our clients enjoy overnight encounters although these do tend to be booked when the date looks like it could run into a few hours. Enjoying breakfast together is a great way to start the day and you only get that after an overnight tryst with one of our gloriously gorgeous escorts in London.

There are a number of hotels where you can enjoy a companion to come and stay and given that all our high class escorts are perfectly able to mingle with all other guests this means that you are free to enjoy the company of your chosen escort in London without her having to rush off after an hour. For an unhurried and truly relaxing encounter we recommend an overnight tryst and given that so many events and engagements can go on for many hours why not ensure that you get to spend a couple of hours alone with the woman of your dreams.

If you want to book an all  night date with any of our elite escorts in London then of course we will need some advance notice. Our ladies are usually in very high demand so we will need to confirm your date so that your escort can make arrangements for her time away from her own home. Overnight trysts are available with most of our London escorts but it is always best to call in advance just to make sure.