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If our sudden onslaught of winter weather has left you missing the med, never fear, especially if you are a member of the Kensington Spa then you have nothing to concern yourself with as they shipped the Med over here! 25 tonnes of Sicilian volcanic Aeolian Island water has been shipped here to use in the pure spa Watsu pool as the founder of the club is a firm believer in the healing and beneficial properties of the water although at £365 per month to become a member you might as well pay for a week enjoying the water in its natural habitat!

Our very own Kensington escorts   are used to such luxuries as are the clients who live and stay in this area. We have a number of Kensington escorts who enjoy pampering themselves and trying out all the new treatments that are available at the various beauticians and spas. Indeed, by the very fact that our clients specifically request a date with our Kensington escorts means that they understand and appreciate the time and effort each of our beauties put in to make sure they are the epitome of style and class.

All our Kensington escorts are every inch the high class model escorts you expect to see. They do pay a great deal of attention to their presentation and grooming and boy, does it pay off! Each of our beauties looks like she has stepped from the pages of a magazine and whether that is down to Sicilian sea water we don’t know, but bottle it up and we’ll take some any day!

Grooming is not just an important aspect of our Kensington escorts routine but many clients enjoy time at the various spas to relax and enjoy a massage or relaxation session. Life can be extremely stressful and gone are the days when men simply went out and played golf or went fishing. Now our metro men want to be truly pampered and why not? It is good for the soul and well being too.

In Kensington you will find many independent Spas or you will usually have a dedicated spa in the top London hotels in the area. A hotel Spa is usually more convenient especially if you are staying in London temporarily. You don’t have to step outside in the cold and you can simply float down from your room directly to the spa and enjoy all the different treatments they have to offer.  With an independent spa you will usually have to book in advance and are unlikely to receive discounts and special offers like you would with the hotel spa.

Many Spa’s , especially those in South Kensington offer day packages which offer multiple treatments including massages, manicures, pedicures and skin rejuvenation for couples. This is a great date to enjoy with your chosen Kensington escort as you can while away a few hours together and then retire back to your room for the rest of the afternoon or evening. You will both benefit from the soothing qualities of the treatments and feel rejuvenated, pampered and completely at ease with each other which, you never know, might mean that you want to spend more time together through until the next day! It certainly creates a shared bond and nothing breaks the ice than wandering around in matching his and hers fluffy robes!

If shipping 25 tonnes of volcanic water over from Sicily seems a little eccentric then you can still enjoy the relaxing properties of a float tank without smelling like an old bit of seaweed. That certainly is not going to endear you to your chosen Kensington escort companion so maybe just the spa treatments for your shared experience at the Spa then!