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London is known for some of the top restaurants in the world. Michelin starred dining experiences with celebrity chefs are not a new thing however having lunch with the reigning Monarch definitely is.  With the Queens 90th Birthday looming, like most families, the Royals have resorted to throwing Grandma a lunch party although this one will be a little different in that it will take place along The Mall and the invites are for 10,000 people!

The lunch will be a street party with a carnival atmosphere organised by The Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips. He seems to have a rather large address book as he has invited people from the 600 odd charities that the Queen is patron of with 1000 tickets left for the peasants – that’s you and I. we can purchase these tickets, no, they are not free, at a cost of £150 which when compared to some of the most prestigious restaurants in the city is actually quite a small price given that you are, in effect, having lunch with the Queen of England!

This news will set you off in one of two directions. Either heading for the phone to see how you can get hold of these golden tickets  or planning to make sure you are not anywhere near The Mall or indeed the city on that date. As expected, this news has been received with great excitement, on a par with the frenzy created by Willy Wonka’s golden tickets and we all know what happened there!

If you are not a diehard royalist, then perhaps alternative arrangements should be made so that you avoid the crush in the city. Getting around on the tubes is bound to be horrific especially around the Green Park, Victoria and St James Park stations so we wouldn’t advise booking a date with any of our Victoria escorts on that date!

At Silver Fox escort agency we have many escorts who are located in other areas of London so that you can aim to completely avoid the travel chaos on that date. With over 10,000 extra people not including all the camera crews and extra security that are bound to tag along the area is set to be a real no go area throughout the day so perhaps best to think about enjoying time with one of our glorious West London or South London escort girls.

Bayswater is a great place to start your search for the ideal London escort for you. We have a number of stunners in the Queensway and Bayswater area so no matter what type of beauty you have in mind, our agency is likely to have someone to suit your needs.

Most men have a certain ‘type’ of woman that they find attractive and gravitate towards. Our agency aims to ensure that our galleries have a wonderful selection of stunners so we should be able to meet your needs with our range of different types of beauties available in all areas of London. In Bayswater and Queensway we have a particularly strong portfolio of blondes, brunettes and busty stunners so clients should always be able to find someone who is perfect for them.

Making a date in these West London areas means that clients can avoid the crush of people getting to The Mall. Details as to the time of the celebrations should be released nearer the time so that you can work out exactly when it is safe to use the tube system or venture out into London traffic. It is expected that the area affected will be given high security police cordons so there is bound to be a knock on effect in other areas and travel chaos will pretty much ensue everywhere. If you find this is the case why not simply book an overnight tryst for the night before and then you will already be in the company of your gorgeous Bayswater escort and not have to worry about travelling anywhere!