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If you are looking for something much more meaningful than a mere escort encounter then why not enjoy a date with any of the escorts at Silver Fox escort agency who offer a GFE. GFE stands for girl friend experience and is a term that has become popular throughout the world to describe those sensual and intimate encounters with escorts that are much more than just a physical interlude. Whilst fulfilling our physical needs might be satisfying, it does not ever fill the void in our hearts and although we know we are not looking for any long term or committed relationship, the sense of being desired and cared for is still something we can crave from time to time.

Our GFE escorts bridge the gap between a long term meaningful relationship and a one night stand. They provide an encounter which feeds our emotional and also our physical appetites. Soft caresses, sweet conversation, laughter and intimacy are all things that can be lacking in a brief liaison but are ever present when you spend time with any of our temporary girlfriends. Your chosen GFE escort will support, encourage and add that missing dimension to your date which will only enhance the time you enjoy together. Whether you want to get out in the city and share a dinner date or perhaps stroll arm in arm along the Embankment or even just simply curl up together for the evening and see where that takes you, it is all part of the fun of spending time with your temporary girlfriend.

Whilst the term is Girl Friend experience, we at Silver Fox like to think of it more as a genuine temporary girlfriend rather than just a simulated one. The word ‘experience’ implies that you are only getting a taste of something rather than the real thing so we like to think of our London escorts as being a genuine girlfriend and all that ti implies if only for a short while. The perfect short term commitment that requires no emotional upkeep and certainly no responsibility after the date.

In short a GFE date is just like having your cake and eating it. A girlfriend as and when it suits you and your lifestyle with the ability to focus on the areas that are important in your life without any complications or emotional attachment. As you can see from our gallery we have scores of beautiful London escorts who offer a girlfriend service and all of them are more than qualified to be your temporary girlfriend for whatever occasion or date you have in mind. Just give our agency a call and let us know the lady you would like to get to know better and we can make all the arrangements for you. You could actually call us the temporary tinder that you can pick up and put down as and when it suits your needs . In a perfect world, all relationships would unfold in this way and all girlfriends would never get a headache!