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Most nights out in London consist of drinking or eating or maybe drinking AND eating all followed by some sensual fun later on once the Pinot has started to take effect.  However if you are looking for some seriously sexy nightlife London has it, although it doesn’t tend to shout about it, as you would expect for such a personal indulgence.

London is known as a place where pretty much anything goes. If there were a nation of people w ho were more predisposed to enjoying a touch of kink it would certainly be the British. That stiff upper lip has to has an outlet somewhere and it seems that kink is it. Rubber Cult is the only completely rubber event held in London and very popular it is too. Everything from the clothes that attendees can wear to those that the event staff and the performers adorn must be made entirely of rubber. Those are the rules. Not quite like a club in the usual sense of the word the Rubber Cult experience is more of an exhibition held in a club environment where the music very low so that everyone can talk to each other through those little mouth holes in their rubber encapsulation outfits. Fetish play, a rubber dungeon and even a shining service is available so if you have a leash that you want to be lead around on, time to get it out now.

There are other fetish events which take place around London at other times of the year however the Rubber cult is the only one if you are into latex and rubber. You can meet likeminded people and really let your inner rubber fiend out to play. Of course we have a number of fetish escorts who would be more than happy to accompany you for a few hours as we understands it might be difficult to get a partner to go along with you. Not quite the same reaction can be expected as brandishing an extra ticket to the FA Cup, Rubber cult may not be quite as commonly popular as you might expect. Our high class fetish escorts will always be up for the fun and they have all the right outfits ready and waiting to be slid into and enjoyed for all they are worth.

It does not matter what your fetish is. You do not have to be into rubber or leather or latex or any other material lf or that matter. It might be shoes, it might be umbrellas or indeed tools of torture could be your thing. Whatever your desires, our fetish escorts in London have as varied tastes as you do and are always more than willing to experience new and exciting things where available. Maybe you could introduce the fetish escort of your choice to something new or perhaps she could do the same for you. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to be a little more adventurous. Fetish does not always have to be a lifestyle choice, just a single experience could be what you need to kick start your mojo!