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At Silver Fox London escorts our services are slightly different to that of a regular escort agency in London. We offer more of a lifestyle experience to those who have little time or inclination to deal with the small details of their leisure activities. Many of our clients must to adhere to strict schedules that fit in with their work lives and given that there is usually little time left for personal or private time we must make sure that each moment is filled with pleasure and is made the most of.

A busy executive will have plenty of social engagements to attend. These are not considered to be free time and are not parties as we might imagine. These are still working events and opportunities to network and engage public perception of the individual and also the business itself. This is why it is so important to have the right companion for the right event and also the amount of discretion is tantamount to the success or failure of the event.

Our Elite London escorts must be much more than just beautiful women with fabulous bodies. We expect our elite escort girls to possess many more qualities in order to fulfil the exacting needs that are demanded of our clients and so if you are looking for a perfect elite London escort then you first port of call must be Silver Fox escorts.

When you are at a social event there is an element of expectation that you and your partner will mingle with other guests. When you book an elite London escort to be your date for the evening you need to have the confidence that she will reflect you in a positive light. Your London escort companion will need to posses the social skills which will enable her to fit in with your peers and not cause anything other than the subtle buzz of appreciation and envy. Our high class London escorts possess these skills and due to their excellent educations they will always present themselves in a favourable and impressive light. Once you are alone together you can enjoy their other skills that have been honed to perfection outside of the classroom.

Silver Fox escorts  offers a number of exclusive benefits to regular and trusted clients. We are an elite London escort agency which always offers something above and beyond the expectations of our executive clients and our VIP services are  perfect examples of this. Our concierge type service is a useful addition which will work personally to provide the types of exclusive treatment you expect given your high social status and access to our exclusive escorts who are not even published on our website is just one of them. If discretion and privacy are a serious issue for you then our services for our VIP clients is ideal for you and the place where you will find truly exclusive elite London escorts to spend time with. If you are required to attend a number of public and social events then this is the ideal option for you and your reputation.