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Curvy escorts are those women who grab life in both hands and make the most of everything available to them. Our curvy escort girls at Silver Fox escort agency are those women with whom clients can guarantee an exceptional time as every opportunity for pleasure and satisfaction is exploited and enjoyed to its fullest potential. A curvy escort is a woman who never limits herself and takes her pleasures beyond the boundaries where most others stop, our high class London escorts have a fuller figure and a fuller heart too.

For men who like their women to have a little more flesh on their bones,  our curvy escorts are the answer to their prayers.  With voluptuous curves and soft yielding flesh our ladies are blessed with ample charms and the confidence to use them to best effect. Fun and flirty, our curvy London escorts are buxom and beautiful, full of life and achingly gorgeous.

At Silver Fox escorts we like to ensure that our clients are always fully satisfied even before they enjoy a date with any of our London escorts. Our [portfolio is full of all types of beautiful London escorts and for gentlemen who want to share their passions with plus size beauties our curvy escorts are ideal. There is a difference between curvy escorts and BBW escorts. All our curvy London escort girls are in perfect proportion and whilst they may be larger than the usual stick think catwalk model you see in the fashion magazines, they are still very womanly and sexy. Very much like the Hollywood icons of the 1960’s our curvy London escorts are glamorous and outgoing and ultra feminine in order to appeal to every man on the planet.

It is not just in looks that our curvy London escorts are appealing as their personalities are such that they are outgoing, adventurous and always ready for fun. They let nothing stand in their way of achieving everything they want in life and that extends to their boudoirs as well.  For men, the most attractive feature in a woman is her sense of confidence and lack of inhibitions. Our curvy escorts encapsulate those very qualities and a date with any of them will make a refreshing change from those model escorts who may take life a little too seriously.

Silver Fox escort agency has plenty of these buxom London escorts in all areas of the city so no  matter where you are based you always have close access to any of our curvy London escorts should you so desire.  Why not take a look through our galleries of busty London escorts and see which of our curvy beauties you would like to spend time with. Our curvy girls all have those all important hour glass figures that give them that added feminine look but it is their personalities and effervescent natures that are truly captivating and the reason you will return time and again to get your fix of pure pleasure.